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A little about us

At Hess Mental Health, we’re prepared to offer you every treatment you need in order to overcome your dependency on substances. No matter what your particular situation, our substance abuse treatment facility can help. With years of experience helping countless clients reach their goals for recovery, we have the skills and the abilities to help you accomplish your goals. Some people might be uneasy at the idea of a drug abuse treatment center, but this is likely because they are unfamiliar with what exactly that entails. Find out more about what Hess Mental Health has to offer on this page!.

Hess Mental Health is dedicated to treating as many clients as possible while providing compassionate, empathetic, and respectful care that is intimate with attention to detail.
We want to see a world where addiction is treated for the chronic brain disease that it is. Moving forward by treating and educating as many people as possible, we hope to one day see that world.
We believe that everyone suffering with addiction deserves caring addiction treatment from non-judgmental specialists who understand addiction and how to overcome it.

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